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Welcome to the Blackadeus website where fans can see what Blackadeus is upto.

Blackadeus is a rnb/deep soulful house producer who has been on the rnb and soulful house music for some time. Working previously behind the scenes but now upfront as a music producer and artist to another level.

Under the name Rico ‘sick note’ Ellis, he  has worked with many musicians and artists like Robert Owens as young MD and co-producer/session musician back in the mid 90’s, MVP, Dubaholics, DJ Dodge and Femi Fem (Young Desciples) as co-writer/producer and session musician. 

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Music Producer of deep soulful house and Rnb music

Projects 2023

Blackadeus produces with musicians and is currently working with artists JiuLing, from London, UK.


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Nothing to attend but in the music studio, producing new music! Stay tuned

Where deep house music bout to get soulful and deep!

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